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Gundry MD Total Restore Reviews

We’re constantly striving to make our wellness products the best and to serve you better. Read All Gundry MD Total Restore reviews below. These Total Restore reviews are from actual Gundry MD customers.

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Robin, on 03-24-2023
Only been using restore for just over a week, already start

Only been using restore for just over a week, already I feel better digestion, no brain fog and better sleep.

Rhonda, on 03-23-2023
Finally Regular!

My husband and I have been taking Total Restore for about a month now. We had both been put on Omeprazole by our gastroenterologist indefinitely and I didn't care for that at all. My gut felt better within a few days and my husband's indigestion has been greatly reduced!

Helene, on 03-17-2023
feeling better and hopeful!

I just started my second bottle of Total Restore! I noticed feeling better after two weeks, no bloating, better digestion, feeling "lighter". I decided to give Total Restore a try because I did not like how I felt, too tired, exhausted to do my house work,etc, struggling with arthritis in both knees, still working full-time. I felt aged," old ". Now I have definitely more energy, my arthritis pain is less, I am motivated again to eat healthier since my cravings for sweets and pastries are minimal. My mind feels clearer too. I am excited to see how I will feel in another month!

Thomas, on 03-15-2023

The Total restore works well. I can walk 5 miles a day,but I choose 3. I have almost limitless energy. It's working well for me.

Jim T, on 03-14-2023
Total Restore

I am 83 years old. I have been a your customer for about 17 years. I have added Total Restore to my daily routine. I have more energy and greater endurance.

Gwen, on 03-14-2023
Total Restore

I have been using Total Restore for about three weeks now and feel more energized than i had been. My bowl movements have started to settle down. I don't need to take MiraLAX anymore.

Jae, on 03-14-2023
Staying regular

I've been taking this product for three weeks now. I really like how it keeps me regular every day.

Richard, on 03-13-2023
total restore

have only been taking product for about two weeks say try for at least 90 days to get an idea whether it does as advertised so I do not think now is a good time to review..I do seem a little more regular as far as bowel movements though.

Lisa, on 03-12-2023
Great Results!

I started total restore about 4 weeks ago and I'm shocked it actually did what it said it would do. I'm able to go to the bathroom everyday without constipation! I no longer get bloated and I feel great!

Mary, on 03-02-2023
Total Restore

Feeling great

Shafi, on 03-02-2023
Very good product

My whole body feels better when I take them wich is almost every day and it seems to help me feel full and it adds to my water intake with an additional glass of water

Lee S., on 03-02-2023
Began taking Feb. 10th, 2023

I began by taking 1 Pill a day since I take 4 other Medications. In caution so my system does not get too upset. No Hugh results yet, a little too early to tell. Considering going to Two Pills as Day. I work a Rapid Rotation Swing shift so my system stays upset.

Carla, on 03-02-2023
Good so far!

I have been taking this supplement for almost 3 week. I have had a a positive change from irregularity to daily regularity which puts a smile on anyone's face! I have had no ill side effects but have not yet seen any other changes in my body. I am assuming it will take more time to get full results. I am looking to reduce my belly fat which seems to be out of proportion to the rest of my body. I realize I will also need to exercise and currently looking for an exercise routine for a healthy 67 year old.

Liliana, on 03-01-2023
Total Restore

I started taking Total Restore on 10 February 2023. I have certainly noticed some benefits most of the time, such as smoother bowel motions, some weight loss and more energy (though some of that can be attributed to careful food selection and regular exercise). Unfortunately at the moment I have been diagnosed with a hernia which appears to be interfering somewhat with my digestion. Therefore it is difficult to conclude how beneficial this supplement is at the moment, that said, I will continue to take it for another couple of months to see if i gain any further improvements.

Roy, on 03-01-2023
Skin condition

My wife has a skin condition, that has been treated for years, (at no small expense) with little or no improvement. After watching the video we ordered several bottles of Totol Restore, my wife stated that she could feel results after the first week. We are on our second bottle and her skin is clearer than it has been in teen years. The only change she has made in her daily activities is the Totol Restore. We both are looking forward to see what the future results will be!

Ibrahim, on 03-01-2023
It's great

This is my first time using the product.

Nita, on 03-01-2023
Energy accomplished

I feel so much better. I have energy. I sleep better. I'm not tired during the day. If you haven't tried it, please do. You will be thrilled at the results.

Chuck, on 02-28-2023
Great Product

Able to sleep great and fall asleep quickly. The dreams are a little wild, but sleep well. Losing about 1/2 pounds per day and great energy and focus.

Dell, on 02-28-2023
Total Restore

Suffering severe bloating and constipation for years I have had excellent results after taking this product for a couple of weeks. I no longer suffer bloating, no more constipation , I enjoy regularity and feel much more comfortable.

Gary, on 02-28-2023
First Bottle of Total Restore

I just finished my first bottle of Total Restore. I ordered this product to get rid of my leaky gut . And I must say, that my gut health is the best it has been in a long time, less gas and easier bowel movements.

Menique, on 02-22-2023
Excellent Product

Just finished my first bottle (30 days) & less bloated, flatter stomach, more energy & gut settling. Thank you for this product!

Lindy, on 02-22-2023
Less Food Allergies

I have had multiple food allergies. I recently took tests again and discovered that I am not allergic to many of the foods that I had been allergic to. I am blessed. God is healing me. I am grateful!

Karen, on 02-22-2023
Total restore

Worked by the next day. I'm concerned about taking both this and bio thrive prebiotic . Would be nice to not have to take 3 capsules of TR.

Doris, on 02-21-2023
Feeling Great!

I ordered Total Restore over a month ago but I have only been taking it for about three weeks. The reason was because at the time of ordering I had an attack of diverticulitis which the doctors prescribed a 10 day dose of antibiotics which I knew would destroy any good flora in my digestive tract and taking Total Restore at that time would defeat the purpose. As soon as I finished the treatment I started taking Total Restore and along with Whlole 30 eating plan I am starting to feel the benefits. I no longer have cravings for sugary foods or bread or any of the non-nutritional foods that I used to consume. I'm getting my energy back after laying in bed with diverticulitis for two weeksI Also I notice I no longer have bloating and flatulence. My BMs have also became more regular. All in all I'm totally satisfied with the product and expect to see more improvement the longer I use it. Thank you Dr. Gundry.

Anita Blommestyn, on 02-21-2023
Total restore

One month and feeling more energetic

Lynn, on 02-21-2023
My Energy level is amazing

I have been taking the Total Restore for 6 months. My energy level is amazing and I wake up feeling revitalized.

Benny A Dean, on 02-21-2023
Total Restore please?

I was surprised to see my urine being strong, making BUBBLES. The odor from urine was strong. The stream strong. Sweats 15 minutes or more, are sweats a issue? Stomach bloats after eating toast (two slices) or a sandwich.

Tanna Gallagher, on 02-17-2023
Healthy journeys

I loved it. My only problem is as soon as I could feel it working I was out and can't afford to buy it on a monthly basis , I was also taking it with active advantage and I could feel the clarity like clouds had been lifted away it was crazy!

Heather, on 02-17-2023

I have been using this product for a little over a ml month. I feel more energetic and I have dropped weight from my mid section. I finally dropped down into the 150's in my weight. Thank you Dr Gundry.

Zaira Garcia, on 02-16-2023
Total Restore Works its worth it

I been taking total restore for about a month now I can notice less bloating and less discomfort when having to go . I been also noticing less heartburn since taking Total Restore I been feeling better and I will definitely stock up on more bottles. Just gives me piece of mind how good I been feeling

Patricia, on 02-16-2023
Liking it!

I am a relative newbie with this product, but what I am experiencing so far is increased and enduring energy, clarity of mind and memory, better physical strength and desire to get all my tasks done. As a consistent procrastinator, this is huge! I am 80 years old and feel 50! Thank you! I like the sales documentaries, by the way; clear and educational.

Murray, on 02-15-2023
I feel better, each day

I feel better, each day. My bowel movements are easy and more frequent. I am not sure if I have lost any weight, but it is possible. I am encouraged taking Total Restore will help my gut health in this new year. Total Restore is a starting point for me, to get better health. Instead of a new year resolution, I started Total Restore. I trust Dr. Gundry and all the research that has gone into this product. Thank You.

Tato, on 02-14-2023
Total Restore.

I been taking this product for a moth. I been fealing alot better. Before I use to to feel swell in my abdomen. I been going to the bathroom more often now. I'm more cofterble on my back too. Ill keep taking this product. Thanks

Mike, on 02-14-2023

have noticed a decrease in stomach bloating. If I forget to take my dose for a day then the bloating and pain come back.

Chris, on 02-14-2023
Life is better

My sleep patterns have improved immensely…my aches and pains have dulled … I have become more aware of my food intake and have noticed im not craving for sweet snacks . Im eating more fruit and more green vegetables… my bowel movements are a lot softer and I feel as if I am completely emptied….. drinking a lot more water amd soft drink has not passed my lips….I am feeling brand new…..thanking you on a daily basis..

Clint, on 02-14-2023
Total Restore

Excellent results, my bowels had returned to normal within a week and after another week I reduced my daily use to 2 and a week later I have been taking 1 a day. This was after attempting to accomplish this with various remedies over a period of close to 6 months

Kathy, on 02-14-2023
Total Restore

I am still taking my three capsules a day. I don't know if I have experienced changes, at least not major. I am continuing with my Total Restore as I have believed in you as an excellent heart surgeon and trust your decisions for my well being. I have high blood pressure.

Steve, on 02-14-2023
Subtle Changes.

The title says it all. Since I've been taking Total Restore in the past month I've notice subtle change physically and mentally. The changes range from a disappearance of acne to more overall energy.

Dar'ron Weaver, on 02-14-2023
Not sure

I've been taken the formula for three weeks and definitely have experience a regular bathroom visits and weight lose.

Mary Ann, on 02-13-2023
Total Restore

I cannot take the Total Restore on an empty stomach. I take 2 in the a.m. after eating 1/2 bagel, a container of Activia and a cup of Taster's Choice coffee. I take the other capsule in the evening. I have quit taking Prilosec which I had been taking for years. I still have some discomfort including the "bloated" feeling.

Suzanne R Keaton, on 02-13-2023
Tital Restore

I love it! I feel it helps my gut, keeps down my symptoms of diver!! I feel so much better while taking it. I'm out right now, and back to symptoms and not as energetic as I was when taking it. I pray mine comes quickly!

Juli, on 02-13-2023

The total restore is working for me am very much active and happy about going to the rest room and very active much more than before I will recommend this product to anyone my age I don't have any cravings thank you Dr Dungry

Beth, on 02-13-2023
Total Restore

Taking it for near to 2 months. My Gi tract can be sensitive to formulas taken. So far- all good. Will continue regimen and follow up at 3 months.

Danaka, on 02-12-2023
my Total ReStore feedback

I used the product for 2 weeks and felt quite a bit better with less tenderness in my lower abdomen. However, I had a colonoscopy scheduled and had to stop ReStore and then build up my gut bacteria again before restarting. I'm hoping to start your product again soon.

Juls, on 02-12-2023
Notice some results

Noticing change in No2's softer & just better 2 weeks in so far

Vane, on 02-12-2023
Excelent product

I have been using this product for three weeks, it has improved my digestion and I lost three pounds, a good product

Bill, on 02-12-2023
Total Restore

It was slow getting the product across the border so I have only used it for two weeks. Early to tell but it feels like my intestinal discomfort is reduced and things are passing better than before.

Ron, on 02-11-2023
Helped my gut

Started using the product and within 5 days I was getting good results

Dawn, on 02-11-2023

So far I am happ

Robin Bowman, on 02-11-2023
Total restore

Took the product for 30days. Noticed the bloating was less in a couple days. By second week the gas had subsided and bloating was gone! Third week all was gone and felt good. Then 4th week some gas came back for some reason and I still have it some, not as bad as before but still more then what should be normal. Will continue to take the product for another month and see how I do.

Winifred, on 02-11-2023
Total Restore

I think Total Restore works for me I have to see two more months to see how it will be I take 2 capsules a day one for lunch and dinner I will tell u how I will be doing ok Thanks Winifred

Jos, on 02-09-2023
Total Restore

I have only had the product for three days as postage took a month So far my bloating is decreasing my eye sight is better Back and tummy pain has decreased Looking forward to many more of a improvement

Anna Beall, on 02-09-2023
I figured it was worth a try

On the 3rd day I felt so much more energy. Regular bowel movements, which I never had before. My husband has the same effect. No achy joints and more energy!! I realize this is how I felt years ago.

May D, on 02-09-2023
Total Restore works

Helped my indigestion so I don't feel bloated after meals. Also I have less cravings for carbs. One disappointment is that it's not vegetarian friendly. It contains crustaceans. I can't recommend it to my vegetarian/vegan friends.

Paul, on 02-09-2023


Joe Merandi, on 02-08-2023

I tried for 3 weeks and my gut feels a little better but never did I complain about it. I started taking because wanted to retore a leaky gut if I had, it made me go to the washroom more frequent and easier.

Dori, on 02-08-2023
I'm seeing improvement!

I have only been taking total restore for about three weeks. In that time I have noticed much less bloating and gas. I feel like three weeks is really not a long enough time to give input on the longer result, so I am continuing to take it, and hoping I continue to get better!

Viv, on 02-08-2023

Have been using for about 3 weeks and am seeing improvement in digestive problems. Will continue taking Total Restore. Thanks Dr. Gundry !

Bev, on 02-08-2023
Total Restore, Bio Complete & 24 St. Probiotic

I have been taking these products for a week now. I've never had such soft, regular bowel movements as I do now!!!! I always tended to be constipated! Wow!! Thank you!! ????

John, on 02-08-2023
Total Restore

Total restore helps in a broad spectrum of ways I may be wrong but I feel it cleans my system the gut the liver almost as a probiotic and includes similar ingredients as the powder supplement I take in morning Renew

Jerome, on 02-07-2023
Total Restore

My legs feel better after i started using total restore, and will tell other how great the product is.

Aldo, on 02-06-2023
So far So GOOD!

I am now taking my 2nd pill bottle of Total Restore and I feel AMAZING!!! I feel my body is responding very well...having a revitalized energy, lighter and brighter!! Thank You!

Sara, on 02-06-2023
Shared it with my husband, we feel great!!

My husband and I were sure there were "aliens" living in our guts !! We are like dueling banjos "talking to each other"... we"re like peaceful symphonies now after about a month. YEAH for us!!! We just something to laugh about!

Judith, on 02-06-2023
Total restore

Only just started and I feel I have more energy Too soon to comment on weight loss assistance!! I'll keep going!

Naomi, on 02-06-2023
So glad I found this

I have been taking Total Restore for a few months now. What a difference it makes. Now I can carry on with day-to-day activities like I did 20 years ago. No longer have to be concerned about finding the next restroom! Thank you, Dr. Gundry!

Willie, on 02-06-2023
Gundry MD-Total Restore

Gundry MD - Total Restore, based on a 5-Star Rating, is a quality and cost effective product, and I whole-heartly recomend Gundry MD - Total Restore, to others.

Teresa, on 02-06-2023
I'm all about gut health!

I have UC and Dr Gundry's diet plan and Total Restore plus Bio Complete 3 has much improved my intestinal health. My colonoscopy showed outstanding improvement!

Bill, on 02-06-2023
Very good product, I will continue using it!

I have been taking the product for some time now and feel it is very helpful, I fel it helps in my digestion and overall health. I'm no doctor but if I feel better I contribute a lot of that to this product!

Leslie, on 02-05-2023
Total Restore along with minimizing lectins in my diet

I have used the product daily for two weeks. I am using this in combination with Dr. Gundry's MCT Wellness and his Plant Paradox program. I am experiencing wonderful resuts.

Neolie, on 02-05-2023
Not working for me

Sorry, I haven't seen any changes in me since I took Total Restore two weeks ago. Perhaps, it's too early to see. But if I see any improvements in the next two weeks, I'll let you know.

Alison Glass, on 02-05-2023
Not what I expected.

The ingredients are good but I still get constipated. I was hoping the stomach fat would decrease a bit. I am a type 1 diabetic . Thank you

Lynn, on 02-05-2023
Very good

Bathroom habits are better. I don't have cravings for sweets or salty snacks. I have been using Total Restore for 2 weeks.

Jody, on 02-04-2023
Not impressed

Your product seems to be doing nothing for me. No extra energy or weight loss. Not really sure I see any effect at all.

Candi, on 02-04-2023
Total Restore experience

I've taken the recommended dose (3capsules daily) for a little over a month. After about a week I noticed a significant increase in my energy levels. (Prior I was feeling sluggish almost every day. I haven't noticed any change in my digestion and bloated feeling but I am hopeful for improvement over time.

Fritz, on 02-04-2023
Good Product

I've used one container out of three in my first order, and my overall gut health and wellbeing appears to be better. At this point I'm planning to order again.

Pat, on 02-04-2023
Total Restore

Total Restore has been a real game changer for me. My gut health is so much better - gas and bloating have all but disappeared. I have been taking the products and following Plant Paradox protocol for over a year. While I have lost weight and my gut health has improved it does seem to have levelled off after the initial quick improvement. Over the last couple of months I have even wondered if it is still working and should I change to something else or add something else to my protocol. I already take Bio Complete, Weight Management, Lectin Shield and 24 Strain. As well, I got another bottle with an empty capsule in it ?!

Connie, on 02-04-2023

It is very good, but three capsules was too strong for me, so I take one per day.

Anne, on 02-04-2023
Great results with problem!!!

Sure helps the gas situation greatly!!!! Thanks for inventing this!!!

Marilyn, on 02-04-2023
So far, So Good!

I truly have not experienced many results. Product is just fine.

Ed, on 02-04-2023
Total Restore use and results I am seeing.

I have only been on it for three weeks. I have been more regular and my energy level has improved. I used to drink a couple of extra cups of coffee through out the day. Now it is usually just one in the morning.

Concetta, on 02-04-2023

I have been taking Restore for a month. The difference that I see is usually daily, easier bowel movements than in the past

A'me, on 02-04-2023
So far so good ....

Have been taking TOTAL RESTORE for a couple of weeks now, 2x a day (vs the 3x it recommends). In order to see how it fully functions with my crazy body I did stop taking my large amount of daily vitamins and supplements with it - to give it a chance on it's own and confirm how it was doing. So far so good! I do have multiple auto-immune diseases - have been beyond exhausted and to top off all the fun have MANY food related allergies that results in what we'll call "pepto symptoms". This requires me to carry a bottle of that pink stuff no matter where I go because I never know if I will have that sudden desire to find the nearest RR! Since taking TOTAL RESTORE I have noticed that my BM's are pretty consistent - IYKYK - type 4 is the goal here and that's been pretty accurate w/little paperwork! EVEN better!! I have had less gas & bloating. Still trying to determine if my tiredness and energy has been impacted but I feel it might be a bit on the positive side - usually takes a month or so of being on something to really tell it's full affects but I am very hopeful.

Deborah, on 02-04-2023
Using for a couple of weeks

Noticed the bloating was gone down significantly, more bowel movements, increased energy and my stomach does not make loud intestinal sounds anymore while in meetings. I like it!

Jen, on 02-04-2023
Not really impressed

So far I haven't really experienced much of a difference from taking Total Restore. In the beginning for about a week it helped me to 'excavate' but that's it.

Warren, on 02-03-2023
Total Restore

I have been trying this product for approximately 2 weeks so far and noticing subtle changes in my health already. •Dry sun damage skin starting to repair. •Vain damage to legs improving. •More energy. •weight loss. •Calmer gut.

Eugene Nagata, on 02-03-2023
Total restore

I don't feel any different from when I took the supplement. Maybe it is just me.

Pete, on 02-03-2023
Important Product

When I saw this video, I flipped. I figured it is exactly what I need after 50+ years of gut abuse. The issues were becoming harder to manage and I did not want to continue with OTC acid reducers, etc. The digestive issues that plagued me are greatly reduced, in part because this has encouraged me to make some other important dietary changes. I'm not perfect but I try. Lost some weight, focus improved, feel better overall and have better stamina throughout the day now that my body is better prepared to do what it should. Taking in conjunction with Prebiothrive. Will continue and then try some other Gundry MD products.

Gina, on 02-03-2023
Gina's review

I've been taking this for about a month I feel good feel like I'm taking something healthy me bowel movements have been off the charts eating healthy also helps Overall I feel great !!! Thank you ! Will continue taking total restore !!!

Daniel, on 02-03-2023
Daniel's review

SO far, i have felt very good, my bowel movements are great, i have not been bloated, i feel more energized after i eat, whereas before I was feeling really heavy after a meal.

Karin, on 02-03-2023
Don't know

I've been taking total restore for a number of weeks now. Was hoping to feel a difference. Don't know what my gut is doing but don't have the energy I was hoping for or weight loss.

Don, on 02-03-2023
Not impressed

Although I am on my second bottle I can't tell any difference. I honestly regret buying so much of it.

Melissa, on 02-03-2023
Total Restore

I have been taking this for a month now and not have seen much changes.

Marlys, on 02-03-2023
Total Restore

I feel it has helped with digestion, I also take other nutrition supplements however I feel this adds to what I am already taking.

Shannon, on 02-02-2023
No change

Well I am not even done 1 bottle yet but honestly it's not giving me as much energy as Energy Renew. I don't really feel any difference yet I don't think. I just figured I would give it the 1 bottle before deciding if it is helping.

Gwen, on 02-02-2023
Total Restore

This is day 21 for staking 3 Total Restore Pills with a glass of water each day. I feel I have felt some improvements in my sleep cycle and my bowel movements. I also feel it is too soon to say for sure and am planning to continue talking them at least for a few months to see if there are further benefits to come. Some days I still really crave sweets and especially chocolate so will try to work a little harder at my diet.

Judi, on 02-02-2023
Total Restore

So far I can't tell a difference . I started late taking the Total Restore but now I must be in my third week. I pray Total Restore will work for me because I am having a difficult time every day just getting around. I am praying it will work for me.

Judy Brooksher, on 02-02-2023
Who ? User.? Woman's? Me

I have taken and taken and taken It but has not changed anything for me. I really was looking forward to get some results. 3 a day

Stephanie, on 02-02-2023
Good product

Just feel overall better in my not as much and eat less junk. Not always hungry.

Lois, on 02-02-2023
Total Restore

I've been taking Total Restore 2Tab/2X/ per day for about 2 weeks now. I'm a skeptic so didn't expect much of a difference in my day-to-day life but almost immediately I had a quieter gut. I've had gut issues over the years and have learned that certain foods tend to be the culprit. I went out of town for a few days and failed to take Total Restore with me and I noticed a difference. As you know, a quieter gut makes us happy! I will continue to evaluate! Thank you

Russ, on 02-02-2023
Working Good

Hi, Usually I would have a bowel movement once every three or four days, I don't know why this happened but as I started getting older into my late 60's I saw this happening, also if I went on a low carb diet had problems with constipation. Since I started the Bio Complete 3 and the Total Restore things have returned to normal. I may go once every 2 days but that's once in a while. The product works and I would recommend .

Customer reviews taken from Total Restore

Gundry Total Restore FAQ

What Are The Potential Benefits of Gundry MD Total Restore?

Total Restore is designed to nourish your gut lining. Optimal gut health can lead to better overall health. If you try Total Restore, you may find it:

*Every individual is unique. As such, your results may vary.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


What Are The Ingredients Inside Total Restore?

Total Restore contains a thoughtful list of ingredients that are designed to support your overall gut health. Here’s a look at what’s inside:

Other ingredients:

Microcrystalline Cellulose (plant fiber), Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (vegetarian capsule), Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source)6



How Does Total Restore Compare To Alternatives?

Unlike alternative gut health supplements that simply offer a few strains of probiotics, Total Restore is formulated with a long list of ingredients designed to support total gut health.

The first active ingredient, L-Glutamine, supports the strength of your gut lining. This may help you take control of “junk” food cravings and manage excess body weight.7,8 N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine can help bind to and absorb damage-causing lectins.9 Licorice root extract supports the health of the gut membrane.10 Zinc and L-carnosine also support digestive health.11†*

With three capsules per day, Total Restore can help you get your gut health back on track.

*Every individual is unique. As such, your results may vary.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Is Gundry MD A Legit Company?

Yes. Gundry MD is a popular wellness company that specializes in research-backed supplements, foods, and skincare products. They are known for their highly reviewed products and industry-leading customer service.

Gundry MD was founded by Dr. Steven Gundry MD, a well-respected heart surgeon and nutrition expert with over 40 years of experience. Dr. Gundry is the author of hundreds of articles published in peer-reviewed journals. He’s affiliated with many well-known institutions, such as the American Heart Association and the Loma Linda University School of Medicine.12



What's The Best Way To Take Total Restore?

Gundry Total Restore is designed to be taken with water in three easy-to-swallow capsules per day. Many people choose to take their three capsules all together as part of their morning routine. Creating a routine can help you remember to take the pills consistently, which will give you the best results.

You can also take three capsules with 8 fl oz. of water spread out throughout the day if you prefer.

How Many Bottles Should I Buy?

Total Restore is available in bundles of one bottle, three bottles, or six bottles. Many customers choose to buy three bottles at a time to save some money. Once you are using Total Restore regularly, purchasing the bundle of six bottles will provide you with the best price per bottle.

Gundry MD Total Restore